Hamburg | DOP

About you x NIKE Air

Chasseur Magazine - a riot of fashion, art and music - Photography

"SAVVY" - Photography

"SAVVY" - Social Media&Web - Concept, DOP, Photography, Post Production, Music Composition

LONDA Hair Care - Web&B2B Campaign - DOP, Post Production

ESSENCE - Pink&Proud- DOP, Photography, Post Production,

GLO Tobacco - Social Media&Web Campaign - DOP

BABOR - Social Media&Web Campaign - DOP, Post Production, Music Composition

MERZ AESTHETICS - TV&Cinema Campaign - DOP, Postproduction, Music Composition

ESSENCE VEGAN - DOP, Photography, Postproduction

About You x NIKE - Social Media&Web - mixed media campaign | DOP, Photography, Post Direction, Music Composition

WELLA - TVC&Web Campaign - DOP, Post Production, Music Composition

ESSENCE - behind the scenes

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