Dirk Bader
Munich | Beauty, Fashion, Cosmetics, Hair, Advertising, Director

Beauty Glossery

Horror Vacui 2024

Beauty Glossery

Viva Monaco

ELLE Bulgaria

Angela Miklas - Campaign

New Horror Vacui Campaign

L&T Fashion Campaign 2023

Lodenfrey Campaign 2022

LuRen Cashmere Campaign 2022

Harpers Bazaar / Turkey

L`Officiel Baltics

L`Officiel Liechtenstein

ELLE Bulgaria

ELLE Bulgaria

ELLE Cover 2023

LuRen Cashmere HW 2022

Very Lodenfrey !

L `Officiel Liechtenstein

LuRen Cashmere spring/summer 2022

L`Officiel LIC

LuRen - fall/winter 2021

LuRen - Cashmere - Imagecatalogue spring/summer 2022

New MAX editorial with amazing Vera Segova

Horror Vacui Spring/summer 2021

TV Commercial for Oral B in cooperation with FC Bayern

Persönliches Interview mit DIRK BADER

Interview mit Dirk Bader

Caleo Magazine - Fall/Winter Essentials "Pure Suits"

L´Officiel Baltics - The hint of color

Vogue Beauty with Thylane Blondeau

Harbor Magazine - Beauty black`n white

Dimytri & Luigi / Shooting in Mallorca

New Editorial Work for "The Rakish Gent"

New Editorial with Tommaso

Caleo Magazin

Harpers Bazaar - Moulin Rouge

Brides Today

ROCKANDSOUL | HARBOR we take it (Magazine) - Felix Klare

LU REN spring/summer collection

"Danke Mama" .... Rosi Mittermaier und Felix Neureuther für Procter&Gamble

Cashmere Lu Ren - auf der Zugspitze

Corentin Tolisso and James Rodriguez


Caleo Magazine

Vogue Beauty

Vogue Summertime

L` Officiel Hommes

Harpers Bazaar

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